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A peaceful world for every sentient beings

“ NYINGJE is a tibetan word meaning compassion and has more emphassis on the act then the feeling of it. No matter the color, gender or religion. we are 7.9 billion human beings living under the same sky and sharing this beautiful home called earth with all the other sentient beings. therefore interdependence is the only way to the survival of any individual or community. compassion is the most ethical and secular way of living in these modern area where the wolrd has become much smaller then before. our foundation is not a promotion of any kind of religion or any kind of human race. we welcome any individual or organization to work with us in promotion of love and kindness for the well being of every sentient beings .

Tenzin Tseten

Tenzin Tseten

CEO & Founder Nyingjefoundation

Our Mission

Rescuing around 5,000 animals in 2023 -24 and employing around 15- 20 poor families for taking care of the animals


Animal rescue program, Nyingje tsethar animal sanctuary (NTAS) program, Animal rights awareness program

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.We welcome any individual to help us in the promotion of love and compassion

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

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