On the first day of the auspicious month of SAGA DAWA, we rescued an innocent animal from a slaughterhouse where many others were in line for slaughter. To save animals from such fate, we encourage you to choose a plant-based diet as much as possible.
In Tibetan and other Buddhist traditions, there has always been a practice of not eating meat for a certain period of time during the month of Saga dawa.
We are also rescuing animals throughout the month of SAGA DAWA, especially during the full moon day which is on the 4th of June, and anyone interested in saving an innocent life can contact us any time through our website or through the following contact information.
+91 6005466227, + 91 8627054326

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  • Category: Tsethar
  • Address: jangthang magyu, leh ladakh
  • Start: May 20, 2023
  • End: June 18, 2023

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