Annual Vaccination

Annual vaccination of our tsethar animals at likhir unit done successfully with the support of ladakh’s sheep department. And we would also like to thank all the volunteers who also helped us tremendously in such cold weather to make it successful #animallovers #love #com#animalrescue


Vaccination successfully done for around 650 tsethar animals at likhir unit with the help of 11 professionals from ladakh sheep department and 10 volunteers

Shelter Relocation

About 600 of our tsethar animals has been moved from summer location UMLA Leh to winter location Likhir. Due to winter, UMLA has become too cold for the animals to live and grass has been covered with snow so Likhir is at a lower altitude with warmer temperature and more grass for grazing.One of our […]

Shelter Programs

There are lots of tsethar animals in most of the jangthang places. Even though it is a very meritful act the animals has to go through a very hard life during their old age and dies horrlbly mostly during the winter time as they r unable to eat and unable to travel with the herd. […]

Lhabab Duchen

We are happy to announce that today on this auspicious budhist day( lhabap duchen), we have initiated our first Tsethar animals rescue and welfare project. At jangthang sumdho we have around 350 tsethar animals and these animals are taken care by our employees ( mr.Sonam dorjee and mr.Ngawang chojor) and will be the shepards and […]


In honour of late Mr. Tenzin Gonpo, his family has rescued our first batch of tsethar animals consisting of 12 goats and 3 sheeps.

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